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A taxi company’s fleet size is key for providing reliable & timely taxi service. We are over twice as equipped as our closest competitor. There is no company in the Wyre Forest that can efficiently provide taxi service throughout the area like we do.

All our taxis are insured by a policy with limits far exceeding the acceptable standards. Unlike many other taxi companies, you will never run the risk of riding in an uninsured cab. When you ride with other taxi companies, some have drivers obtain their own auto insurance, leaving the passenger(s) at great risk if the driver is under-insured, or not insured at all.

7 can ride for the price of 1. You can request a van which fit a maximum of seven passengers.

Our drivers are professional drivers. We require our drivers to meet qualifications that other companies simply don’t require, a great advantage for riding with us. Drivers must:
1. Speak clear English
2. Must be at least 25-years of age
3. Have at least 2 years of driving experience
4. Have a valid CA driver’s license
5. Have less than two moving violations and no DUIs
6. Receive a criminal background check and drug test
When you ride with us, you know you will be in good hands.

Well-staffed and well-trained, our dispatchers use the latest technology to serve you. With at least 3 dispatchers available at any given time quality assurance is guaranteed. We monitor by randomly recording calls and making hold times shorter. We have have invested in phone technology and data technology so that through our website we now honor reservations online and reservations from text. Not near a desktop computer? No worries. With our new and improved mobile website, you can reserve your cab from your smart phone.

We more vehicles than all other taxi companies in the Wyre Forest combined! Saloon cars make up a sizable portion of our fleet because they allow for a more comfortable ride for our valued customers. We also have many Cabs available to accommodate up to 7 people. Moreover, with our new wheelchair accessible taxicabs, we do our best to accommodate our disabled passengers and meet their needs. If you have a vehicle-type preference, simply make your request at the time you place your order.

In addition to providing common door-to-door service, we also provide many specialized services including wheelchair transportation, type III (school) transportation, non-emergency medical transportation, package delivery, corporate account service, airport service, SecureRide, and event support.

Lost something? Call our Lost & Found department directly at 0156266666 for help locating your lost or missing item. We will make every effort to locate your taxi to retrieve your belongings.