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How To Stay Safe When Catching A Taxi

Taxis are a preferred mode of travel for many when pressed for time, find public transport unsuitable or are simply unable to drive. However, travelling by taxi entails certain risks which can be avoided by taking basic precautionary measures. This article offers advice on ways to stay safe when taking a taxi, some are suggested by taxi drivers themselves. These tips will come in handy if you’re travelling late at night, drunk, travelling alone, are a woman or perhaps all of these examples.

Call A Taxi In Advance

Always best to call and arrange for taxis to fetch you from wherever you are rather than flagging one on the street. As soon as you enter the taxi, check identification details of the driver including the name, contact numbers and if possible, even the license number. Its good practice to make a note of this information and keep it until you have reached your destination.

Sit Behind The Driver

Stick to sitting in the back seat, directly behind the driver, so that you are out of reach.  Make sure that the locks and handles can be operated from inside the taxi so that in case of a mishap, you are easily able to manipulate them to get out. While making polite conversation with the taxi driver is fine, be careful not to divulge any information that does not concern the driver or your journey.

Don’t Share With Strangers

Avoid sharing a taxi with a stranger. Besides your safety, there may be an issue regarding splitting payment and the time taken to reach your destination. The most important point to consider is that this stranger might not be just another passenger and could have ulterior motives. Remember these tips and and lower the chances of anything happening while you’re catching a cab after a great night out!